Do you want your children eating GMO Foods? A strawberry might now have mice genes! Dangers of GMO Foods -- Are GMO Foods Hurting You?

Dangers of GMO Foods -- Are GMO Foods Hurting You?


* GMO Altered Seeds Are A Menace to Our Entire Food Supply. The GMO seeds and/or pollen can be carried by rodents, insects, birds, and wind into neighboring fields where they are mixed with standard crops. This will kill the Organic Heirloom Vegetable Seeds and all their offspring. The old naturally adaptive heirloom seeds have proven to be healthy for thousands of years. Natural selection to the environment’s changing nature has proven to be beneficial to us. Pollen from GMO transgenic plants can cross-pollinate with genetically natural crops and wild relatives and destroy all heirloom seeds and plants. All crops, organic and non-organic, are vulnerable to contamination from cross-pollinatation. (Emberlin et al 1999)Check out buying organic seeds, grow healthy food.

GMO is Playing God with DMA Technology—In a laboratory; the genetic engineer moves genes from one organism to another. The lab technician found out that a gene can be cut precisely from the DNA of an organism, but the insertion into the DNA of the target organism is basically random. In view of that, there is a risk that the new creation may disrupt the functioning of other genes essential to the life of that organism. They can put an animal gene into the plant’s DNA. Are they certified to play God? (Bergelson 1998) Support healthy food. Buy organics when possible.

* GMO Possible Side Effects—Genetic engineering is like performing heart surgery with a shovel. Scientists who are playing god, do not yet understand living systems completely enough to perform DNA surgery without creating mutations which could be harmful to the environment and our health. They are experimenting with very delicate, yet powerful forces of nature, without full knowledge of the repercussions. (Washington Times 1997, The Village Voice 1998)Educate yourself in alternative health and natural nutrition.

*Because of Gmo Seeds, There Could Be Widespread Crop Failure—Genetic engineers intend to make money by patenting genetically engineered seeds. Follow the money and you can see why the big corporations are messing with DNA -- the building blocks of plant life. This means that, when a farmer plants genetically engineered seeds, all the seeds have identical genetic structure. Because of this, if a bug, a disease, a virus, a pest, or a fungus develops which can attack this particular crop, there could be widespread crop failure. (Robinson 1996)Support organic farmers who are doing the right thing.

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